Welcome, I love that you’re here. It is a deep honor to be on this human adventure with you…

For nearly 20 years in practice, I have explored the relationship of the body, mind and spirit. Through my personal passion of self inquiry, meditation and the sage teachings from around the world, I have learned how to cultivate and live an authentic life that embraces all of the senses and honors our interconnectedness.

Initially, my bodywork focused on repetitive stress, sports injuries and recovery of athletes at professional levels and novices alike. My years as a competitive athlete (gymnast, swimmer, runner), avid outdoor enthusiast (rockclimber, skier), and yoga student added to my understanding of the body, its movement and dynamic use. Just as fruitful, but not as enjoyable, were the lessons learned from serious sports injuries and rehabilitations, a decade long life altering chapter with Lyme Disease, autoimmune issues, and a complex spinal fusion. Learning to see these adversities as opportunities deepened my insights regarding what it can take to heal and is a perspective that has served me personally and professionally. 

As my own process and practice matured, I added new facets of healing to my work. Studies in energetic anatomy, Reiki, and Craniosacral Therapy gave more dimension to my work and helped me understand what it meant to be fully present. I became a life coach, doula and meditation teacher so I could support and comfort clients in additional ways that felt natural to me. A few years ago I started working with the incredible non-profit,
Commonweal, in Bolinas. My role as a massage therapist and support in the Cancer Help Program (week-long retreats) is deeply gratifying. Being part of such transformational and sacred work is truly a gift. 

What I have to share comes from a deep, experiential understanding of human conditioning, the complexities of healing and what it is to actually thrive. I embrace the flip side of the coin – both the joys and strife of life, and encourage you to do the same. 

Thank you for learning a little bit about me. I look forward to learning about you.