Today marks a turning point, a shift, an evolutionary exhale in my creative expression.

In writing this blog, it is my intention to share my vulnerability, my intimate experiences of my soul revealing itself and the wisdom that is born from there. I ALLOW it to do what it will, without judgment. I believe we can pass the baton of wisdom to one another and that can serve as inspiration, a reminder of what one may already know, or plant a seed that will bear fruit in an upcoming season.

This turning point is a blip on the radar, minor in the scheme of things, yet simultaneously a life altering move. Unveiling my life process feels much grander than it actually is. Yet, parts of me that were fearful of judgment, rejection and being misunderstood in the past needed some loving attention. Living my life with greater awareness has dramatically transformed my relationship with fear. Meditation, one of my many tools, has been integral in allowing fears to rise, acknowledge them, not attach a big story to them, and release them. 

As I lean into this burning desire born of a rich and beautiful place within to share the lessons and wisdom I have come to know, I am releasing those old fears. I acknowledge them, let the story of them stalling me go, and I am free to move on. So here I am. Raw. Honest. Sometimes humorous. Perhaps wacky. Occasionally with a truck driver’s mouth and other times with eloquence (so I have been told).

Due to life circumstances of the past, my sweet little being and body got pretty banged up over the years, but I wouldn't change a thing. I may have wished a million times over for circumstances to ease up or life's difficulties to disappear in the midst of rough chapters, but today I embrace it all. My life is a gift. I feel this in my soul and deep in my bones. I am incredibly blessed to be in a place in life to teach much of what I have learned. When we heal and gain clarity and insights, they are always universal human themes. The uniqueness of how I have experienced my life, and the healing and freedom that has come from there is what I wish to share.

Do you find yourself deeply connected to your wisdom, and only days later questioning it? Do you review your life experience and derive knowledge of yourself from a hindsight perspective that helps you forage the path before you with more grace? Can you laugh at yourself and bring light to the darker times?

May my heartfelt life adventures and expressions, internal and external, lend hope, inspiration, humor, and love to accompany you on yours.