Healing Guidance

It is our inherent nature to grow and heal. As a certified life coach specializing in healing guidance, I work with clients who desire more out of life and people dealing with chronic illnesses and various hardships. In all cases, strengthening the connection to their intuition or inner knowing (which I like to call the internal wisdom system) is the foundation of this work.

When coaching a client, my core intention is to facilitate the development of new healthy patterns using tools and practices designed to cultivate deep connection with one’s own natural gifts and intelligence. When something originates from within, it is more powerful and easier to access than being "advised". Through a series of collaborative explorations, we will identify, prioritize and fulfill unmet needs, while distinguishing true inner knowing from unconscious patterning. Together we co-create nurturing exercises and practices intended to heal imbalances, dismantle conditioning, and restore the true self. 

Throughout this coaching process, practices can include writing assignments, visualization, meditation, guided imagery and many other self discovery concepts. Some exercises are designed to navigate overwhelm, stress, blocks and hardships, while others focus on creating a vision for the life you dream of living and developing a road map for how to get there.

I am here to support the advancement of your intentions, healing, happiness and success! The nature of this work is truly sacred to my heart. Contact andrea@invitationtoheal.com for free consultation and more information on this series of sessions.