Meditation provides incredible mental, physical and soulful benefits and allows us to become intimate with the various parts of our nature. This practice has been a companion of mine since my early days as a competitive gymnast. It has enhanced the magic of life and allowed me to see beyond the many trials and tribulations of the moment, while grounding me in my true essence. Meditation is a powerful and useful tool for self discovery and the positive qualities that it brings forth have a wonderful ripple effect.  Furthermore, expanding our awareness is a way of life.                                

Although all forms of meditation are supported, I specialize in Primordial Sound Meditation, certified by Deepak Chopra. This mantra-based practice was born of the yoga tradition from India. Yoga means “union”. While the highest states of consciousness and “union” may be lofty for most of us, the practice and evolving relationship with the stillness that lives within us is a quite a gift to rediscover at any stage. The repetitive use of your mantra is a means to take you beyond thought, to stillness, your pure awareness.

During this series of sessions, you will be given your personal mantra (a primordial sound that is chosen for you personally by using your time, place and date of birth and in accordance to Vedic astrology). You will also learn about the concepts and origins of the practice, gain a greater understanding of why and how you use your mantra, and take time to sit in stillness.  Because feelings, emotions and experiences may arise after "sitting" guidance and support is an integral part of this series.  Time and space will be dedicated to exploring your questions, receiving feedback and sharing.    

When we encounter stress, a cascade of physical and emotional reactions take place. In a world of constant stimulation, meditation allows people to take charge of their central nervous system and regulate emotions. During meditation the body can shift into a state of restful awareness. The practice can quiet breathing, reduce stress hormones, strengthen immunity and cardiovascular health, improve concentration, increase happiness, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. 

Just as there is no need to adopt a new set of beliefs, another beautiful aspect of this practice is that it requires nothing more than YOU and a place to sit (quiet environment preferred:).

I am honored to guide your Primordial Sound Meditation privately or within a group and to encourage the longevity and depth of your meditation practice.  Contact for more information and how to get started.